20 Transfeminine People To Know

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That is, a land gfmst.concordia.ca of proud, freedom-loving people—a people who epitomize democracy! For Fairfax Wright, who is based in Los Angeles, "there are so many parallels between homophobia in the US and elsewhere. Even the rhetoric, stretching back to the Harvey Milk days; it’s astounding. Zinta , Kate and their current drummer Lisa Gamble, met through mutual friends. Their line up is complete with Max Halparin ("fancy" guitar) of Debt whom Zinta met at The Flat Collective, a bike collective in the city.

His current research seeks to collaboratively design a decolonial multimedia archiving toolkit to empower Hamilton’s Afro-Canadian Caribbean community to honour their cultural history in community-managed digital archives. Julie Yujie Chen is Assistant Professor in the Institute of Communication, Culture, Information and Technology and the Faculty of Information at the University of Toronto, Canada. Chen studies how culture, technologies, and the established economic structures shape the experience and perception of work in the digital economy.


Her dissertation assess the extent to which digital distribution, microfunding platforms, and content aggregators have changed or reshaped musician labour in the digitally networked era. Based on interviews with emerging and independent musicians, the project assesses how musician labour is materially practiced and discursively understood under conditions of platform capitalism. Dwayne Winseck will organize a panel that challenges the impulse amongst many observers to reach for media policy as a touchstone for platform regulation. Telecoms regulation can ensure that freedom of expression and other normative goals triumph over those of the owners of complex technical systems in regulating illegal content. Meanwhile, the penetration of foreign streaming platforms has provoked serious controversies in Canadian society and has challenged a series of major pillars of the state’s cultural policies such as cultural sovereignty and net neutrality, etc. . Moreover, the federal government’s recent agreement with Netflix which would suspend the collection of ‘Netflix tax’ in reward for Netflix’s investment on Canadian cultural entrepreneurs triggered strong backlashes from Québec, whose cultural policies have come in conflict with the federal government. Combined with a series of the state’s recent trade negotiations, such changes in the distribution market question the future of Canadian content. I first outline the history of surveillance methods used on Palestinians, and then bring the theory of visuality for counterinsurgency in the military-industrial complex into the discussion (Mirzoeff, 2011; Zureik, 2011).
  • There are many online enclaves dedicated to identities within the LGBTQ2SIA+ spectrum.
  • "It’s a Boy or Girl" is a 25 minute performance that deconstructs sex/ gender binary through creating a scene about gender debates between two research colleagues.
  • By contrast, I explore the potential for models of active data citizenship , such as ‘platform cooperativism’ , to more effectively democratize the processes of datafication.
  • She is a Ph.D. student in Management at Ted Rogers School of Management, where she specializes in strategy, innovation, and entrepreneurship and conducts research at the Diversity Institute at Ryerson.
  • She commissioned, developed and executive produced hundreds of hours of award-winning creative content in all genres for VisionTV.
  • Although eyewitness accounts cite black, trans activist Marsha P. Johnson as the instigator of the riot, the trailer for Stonewall seems to give a fictional, white, cisgender character named Danny with a key role in starting the riots.

In fact, the threats posed by algorithms online go far beyond elections and institutions. Search and social media networks host targeted advertising services that have drained advertising revenues from quality professional news services while at the same time enabling the distribution of toxic disinformation and hateful, violent content. Shoshana Zuboff, drawing on Hannah Arendt, has argued that ‘surveillance capitalism’ further threatens individuals ‘right to a future’ because social media algorithms’ have the ability not just to know our beliefs but alter them. These and related developments mean that there are grave threats not only to elections but the entire public sphere where individuals seek information, form opinions, and deliberate with fellow citizens.

Martine Roy

Despite the adoption of Bill 35 in November 2013 by the Quebec National Assembly, trans and intersex people still must undergo modification surgery that leads to sterilization in order to change their gender marker on identification, according to Article 71 of Quebec’s Civil Code. It was like being at a playground with no bullies, an island where the mean kids were eaten by the piranhas in the mote. Sarah Kabamba believes in the power of storytelling in constructing identity and exploring family, history, and culture. Intolerable is part memoir of an Arab family caught in the turmoil of Middle Eastern politics over six decades, part personal coming-out narrative and part cultural analysis. This is a story of the modern Middle East that we think we know so much about.

Last spring the PLQ challenged the then Bill 35, which sought to strike Article 71 and 73 from the Quebec Civil Code. That was obviously homage to when Iggy Pop smeared peanut butter all over himself and his fans at a live concert. I hated to go to sleep, but I had a burlesque class to teach in the morning. I jumped at the chance to teach TRASHLESQE right after a late breakfast to a bunch of hungover John Waters fans, my people. In her earlier works, the body represented ideological confrontation or political alienation.

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As a not-for-profit alternative to corporate bookstores, they are conveniently located right on Concordia’s downtown campus at 2150 Bishop Street in Montreal. Offering both new and used books, in addition to a wide variety of artisan consignments, we also boast the largest selection of sex and gender studies titles anywhere in Montreal. Alvis Parsley is an artist, performer, writer, and researcher based in Toronto. Their work had been presented at the SummerWorks Festival, Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, Rhubarb Festival, Radical Queer Semaine, Meow Mix, Qouleur, Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics, Mayworks Festival, and the Heels on Wheels Roadshow. These platforms are smart employers too, because users work for fun, feeding their own egos, chasing a weekly fifteen minutes of fame, authority, validation and expertise. And as long as users observe the algorithmic principles of affinity, freshness and relevance – in other words, as long as they write catchy posts – they can freely and influentially express themselves to an appreciative audience. Social media teaches users to act on market principles and think in promotional terms.
Qouleur Festival
Circa 2014, the news media business switched from collecting plentiful ad revenue to struggling to get some reader revenue. As a result, the media need to induce frustration and polarization in order to keep the audience engaged. The ad-driven media used to manufacture consent, but the reader-driven media manufacture anger. Paula Gardner will guide a panel on the topic of surveillance capitalism in the smart city context, inviting discussion of policy responses to such problems. The rise of surveillance capitalism has only recently begun to be examined by policymakers, including representatives of governments around the world as part of the International Grand Committee on Big Data, Privacy, and Democracy.
Pushing potentially dangerous ideas—and the people who harbour them—underground does not make for a more tolerant society. It only disenfranchises these "potentially dangerous" people, removing the safety net that is the public gaze—a prospect radically more threatening than the possibility of being offended. In the same week that section 13 was repealed, a bill aiming to provide protections for trans people under the CHRA and the Criminal Code successfully passed its second reading. These organizations have the power to hand out steep fines and ban people from communicating certain ideas. And, regrettably, they have become the stomping ground not of people with legitimate human rights concerns, but of those whose cases would be laughed out of a real court. Montreal’s summer festival train continues chugging along with the bold, brash and always fabulous Divers/Cite festival.

Watch The Trailer For Policing Black Lives

The discussion looks to the role and tactics that are effective in providing input and oversight to a range of users across regions and levels of accessibility to new digital media, including that provided by the national public service provider, CBC-Radio-Canada. Once the COVID-19 pandemic took hold, digital infrastructure priorities and processes—and related policy implications including media and arts funding programs—rapidly shifted at all the organizations represented at Banff. In 2020 two events dramatically shaped the evolution of internet infrastructure development. The transition of work from home led to the high awareness of the public’s need for broadband infrastructure as critical infrastructure. This new suite of protocols would not work in tandem with the existing Transmission Control Protocol suite which the internet is currently built on, but instead will make an entirely new internet for this next generation network. Hence, our global networked society is on the cusp of ‘internets’ opposed to a singular internet. This presentation will identify the changing landscape of the internet’s infrastructure and the position Canada may take in protecting our domestic interest through the international internet standardization process. In 2015, I co-edited a special issue of Telecommunications Policy entitled "The Governance of Social Media".
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